Monday, March 21, 2011

RH Bill should not be legalized

God made us all and we should give importance to our lives and those things that He has given to us. We should protect our life, now is the implementation of the RH Bill will help us protect our life? RH Bill is a proposed bill where the government is trying to implement, but the church is against to this because this bill is considered an abortion. We all know this is against the will of God and you commit mortal sin because you are killing somebody. The baby inside the womb of the mother is ready to give life like us but if we agree to the government there will be no baby to be born. "Pro- life groups, and many professionals in the medical and nursing fields, believe that physicians and policy makers should understand and respect the beliefs of patients who consider human life to be present and valuable from the moment of fertilization. Patients should be made fully aware of this information so that they can consent to or refuse the use of artificial contraceptives. In Exodus 20:13 God says "You shall not kill". and this statement is the 5th Commandment of God. The government has become so dismayed as our population growth rapidly increases. It is so alarming because we all know that the more number of people in our country, the more poorer we become. That is why the government are trying for the solution of that problem thus, the RH Bill now exists. For me implementing the RH Bill is not the best alternative way to control our population. Because the implementation of this bill would mean that contraceptive such as pills, IUD, Condoms, and others will be introduced to the young adults as they would undergone into sex education and would lead them into curiosity that might be the reason for them to engage into premarital sex at an early age. If this would happen, there will be a massive destruction of our morality as Christians, HIV is very known in our country and some people having this kind of sickness. In fact our Pope Benedict the 16 agree the proposed bill but it doesn't the government will implement this. Our Pope said that the RH Bill is for the prevention of HIV and not for the control birth. The bill is controversial and the Philippine Constitution says that "shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn conception. If artificial contraceptives are medically prove to as one of their mechanisms of action, then procurement and distribution of such family planning supplies are unconstitutional and illegal. And don't you know by using contraceptives has a side effect to your health.

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